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Welcome to the German Association of Women Engineers

dib (deutscher ingenieurinnenbund, the German Association of Women Engineers) is a non-profit organisation with a current membership of approximately 400.

dib is an association of and for women that work in engineering or study engineering. dib is dedicated to achieving equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

dib was founded in 1986 by a group of women engineers and women engineering students who felt that existing associations and groups were not meeting their needs. dib was created to represent women in engineering and science by offering an alternative to those associations that included female university graduates from a wide variety of disciplines and those engineering-focused groups that were largely male-dominated.

dib participates in dialogues on equality legislation and policies at the national and international level. Furthermore, dib provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with women in similar situations. As our web presence addresses mainly German visitors, the general website provides information in German only. An English flyer is available for download. If you need some more information than given herein, do not hesitate to contact us.

Profile of the Association

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Project MINT FM-FM (MINT Refugees/Migrants – Women/Girls)



28.04.2016: Girls' Day

Invitation to migrants and refugee women and girls
to attend the Girls' Day activity in their towns on 28.04.2016

Dear girls and young women,
Would you like to get an idea how a technical or natural scientific job works? Would you like to examine whether these jobs suit you or know more about the workaday life of a technical firm or college?
Then get along with us in Girls' Day activity. On this day you can, as other girls and young women all over Germany, attend a technical company, college or university to learn more about a technical education or job. You can get familiar with the workaday life of these colleges or firms and put your abilities to the test there. You can also receive direct answers to your questions and socialize
yourself with responsible persons there.
We would like to deploy ourselves to improve the migrants and refugee women and girls´ educational and career entry opportunities in technical and natural scientific fields. We are the coordinators of the project MINT Refugees/Migrants Women/Girls of The German Association of Women Engineers. Therefore, right now we strongly focus on organizing a joint action among these women and girls in their towns in Germany on Girls' Day (28.04.2016).
We would like to provide you with the necessary places at technical educational institutes / colleges or companies in your town on 28.04.2016 and explain you how to get there. Please contact us, call us or send us a mail. We can certainly help you.

Contact persons
North Rhine-Westphalia: Mrs. Soheila Sattari, a.sattari((at))goal-epmts.de; mobile: 0178-6357200.
Darmstadt: Mrs. Kira Stein, kira.stein((at))t-online.de
Stuttgart: Mrs. Karin Lindner-Vogt,  lindnervogt-patente((at))web.de

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