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30 Jahre deutscher ingenieurinnenbund e.V.

TOP Ingenieurin Miruna, what are your day-to-day responsibilities? My main responsibility is to follow up on software development activities done by companies working in the space industry for the Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Programme. First, in SSA, we define user requirements (what the final software ap- plication is supposed to do, for example, retrieving data from a certain data provid- er, using this data as input for algorithms and then displaying the results which can be, for instance, the forecast of a physical phenomenon). Then, through an indus- trial procurement, companies develop this software for SSA and we monitor this activity. This consists of several phases such as extracting software requirements from the high-level user requirements, designing the software architecture and implementing it. This requires a close con- tact with the industry in order to ensure that the final product will comply with the initial user requirements and also with the domain experts (e.g., astrophysicists) who are the actual users of the product. My day-to-day responsibilities consist of providing the interface between these different groups of people – on the one hand communicating with industry on Miruna Stoicescu Ph.D.; Software Engineering, Dependable Computing, Component-Based Software Engineering, SOA Nationality: Romanian, Age: 28 European Space Agency (ESA)/European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt Engineers with equal rights and opportunities Programme: Space Situational Awareness, Space Weather Miruna Stoicescu provides software engi- neering support to the field of space weather that studies, among other things, solar activity and its impact on satellites, space missions, telecommuni- cations etc. 30 JAHRE deutscher ingenieurinnenbund e.V. 44