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27.04.17: Der dib beim Girls´ Day mit 3D Druck und Laser Cutten

MINT-Berufe gewinnen an Attraktivität für Frauen – nachhaltig.

26.04.17: Übergabe der W20-Forderungen an Bundeskanzlerin Merkel

im Interview dazu die Vorsitzende des Kompetenzzentrums Technik-Diversity-Chancengleichheit e.V.,...

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The Active Association

The Active Association - Groups, Members, Executive Board and Networks

The dib is organized in groups which are building the backbone of the association and animating it. The organs of the association are:

  • The Regional Groups are the core and heart of the dib and the local contact points. They carry out local events.
  • The general annual meeting decides on the rules of procedure, amendments of the articles of association and many other matters of the association.
  • The executive board manages the association’s business and realizes the decisions of the general annual meeting.

Additionally, working groups driven by issues, special topics of interest or projects constitute if required. Many women and the dib as an organization are involved in and contribute to further networks both virtual and real, too.

The office is the contact point for inquiries of all kinds made by members and the public.